THE NAUTILUS CHAMBER – A Transformational Dance and Movement Studio/Un Espacio para Movimiento y Danza Transformacional

The Nautilus Chamber is a 1075 sq ft (100 M2) semi subterranean, catenary arched structure dedicated to transformational dance and movement practices. It was completed in February of 2015. La Camara Nautilo es un edificio de 100M2 semi-subterraneo, hecho de arcos catenario, y compromido a practicas de el movimiento y la danza transformativa.  Se acabo en Febrero de 2015.

HOW TO GET HERE/COMO LLEGAR Directions/Ubicación

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Why is this such a strangely built structure?

Well, for a dancer, there is nothing more annoying than pillars in the middle of a dance floor, and with the size of the floor, it was necessary to find an affordable way to build a supportive roof with no pillars.  The answer was to do it like Gaudi, and all those gothic churches, and build with catenary arches. What is a catenary arch?  It is an arch that, as opposed to, say a semicircle, is a shape that is formed by an arcing curve that is more straight at the ends and more curved in the middle.  You can form one of these if you hang a piece of string between your two hands.  It is extremely strong, and with a bit of rebar, some wire mesh and concrete, not too hard to build.  Our builder,  Steve Kornher, has built many such structures around San Miguel and in the USA.

Why did we put it down into the ground?

We were concerned that the odd structure would dwarf our existing house.  it was also soon obvious that putting it below ground created an unparalleled sense of sanctuary from the rest of the world, so despite the challenges of making a water tight subterranean structure, we decided to build it below ground and when it was finished, plant the roof with a living roof of vines, grasses and succulents.  This has yet to be accomplished, but it should not be long.  That is why there are troughs on the roof that are painted black with asphalt.

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What is transformational movement and dance?

If to feel is an experience of the body, and to be fully alive is to be fully feeling, then to be fully alive is to be fully embodied.  Therefore, the vehicle to get us to a place of aliveness and awareness is the body.  But what about the intellect, you ask? Is that not also a vehicle for aliveness?  Of course it is, but it is like a subset of the whole, a part of us that helps direct our attention and guide our assessments of what we just experienced or are about to experience.  As such, it is more a driver within the body of our vehicle, along with other aspects of embodied awareness: touch, feel, smell, movement, etc.  Transformational dance and movement aims at bringing awareness to all our conscious and subconscious sensibilities, or “sense-abilities”.  Rather than deny the intellect, it provides more intelligent awareness so that our honorable neocortex may judge and direct with the greatest amount of access to our sensate being.

At least this is what my lofty neocortical prefrontal lobe associative processes tell me.  In more simple, bodily language it can be more simply summed up as:

“Damn, this feels good!  I feel alive, unified, and free!”

Transformational dance and movement is any practice that gets us there.

Traducción cortesia de Xochitl Sanchez:

Ella dice, “Les comparto con profunda alegrìa un proyecto de alguien que vive desde su corazòn, que cada dìa te invita a travès de la danza a experimentar la magia del vibrar libremente, te invita a solo ser movimiento…”

Si a sentir es una experiencia del cuerpo, y estar plenamente vivo es estar sintiendo plenamente, luego de ser plenamente vivos es ser plenamente encarnada. Por lo tanto, el vehículo para llevarnos a un lugar de la vitalidad y la conciencia es el cuerpo. Pero ¿qué pasa con el intelecto, te preguntarás? ¿No es también un vehículo para estar vivo? Por supuesto que lo es, pero es como un subconjunto de la totalidad, una parte de nosotros que ayuda a dirigir nuestra atención y guiar nuestras evaluaciones de lo que acabamos de experimentar o estamos a punto de experimentar. Como tal, es más un conductor dentro del cuerpo de nuestro vehículo, junto con otros aspectos de la conciencia encarnada: tocar, sentir, oler, movimiento , etc. danza transformacional y el movimiento tiene como objetivo llevar la conciencia a todas nuestras sensibilidades consciente y subconsciente, o “sentidos habilidades”. En lugar de negar el intelecto, que proporciona la conciencia más inteligente para que nuestro honorable neocórtex puede juzgar y dirigir con la mayor cantidad de acceso a nuestro ser sensitivo.

Al menos esto es lo que mis procesos asociativos lóbulo prefrontal neocortical nobles me dicen. En un lenguaje más sencillo, corporal puede ser más simple resumir como:

“Maldita sea, esto se siente bien! Me siento vivo, unificada y libre! “

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Currently I offer Danzlibre classes on Thursdays at 6pm.  The classes arise out of my training as a Dancing Freedom facilitator. These are free-form and explorative dance classes, or journeys, in which through freeform movement we move through a themed musical voyage.  The themes are loose ideas, inquiries really, explorations into our human nature and embodying our authentic individual selves.  The music, is a multi-course musical feast, that, following the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether starts with grounding music to bring us present to ourselves and leave the world outside, then water-like, flowing music to warm our bodies, then gradually more upbeat, firey music brings us to full expression and finally catharsis, breaking into light, lyrical Air to lift our spirits and ends with etheric angelic music to take us to tranquility and stillness. Themes from the past have included Light, Play, Spiraling, Courage = Surrender, Change is Becoming Who You Are, Undefending, and many more.  Each time, ultimately, it comes down to who you are, and how do you connect to yourself, so, just come and be who you are: there is no way you can do it wrong.

Movement Classes for kids with Ojala Niños

Every Friday an SUV crammed with more kids than a VW bug has clowns at the circus comes the 2 miles from San Miguel Viejo to dance and learn how to slackline and other gymnastics.  Neighborhood kids from around here also join.  You are welcome to join us!

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 The Artist in Residency Program

Kimberly Medina, of Danza Viral Colectivo Escéncico during rehearsal.
Kimberly Medina, of Danza Viral Colectivo Escéncico during rehearsal.

Currently we are making the studio available for local dance companies to rehearse and give worskhops.  Our goal is to provide means by which local and international choreographers can spend 2 or more weeks with us and use the studio to place choreograph and explore new ideas.  The goal is that this would be fully funded, and would culminate in the artist placing a work on local professional dancers and performing his or her works in a larger venue, such as The Angela Peralta Theater. Proceeds from ticket sales would help fund more artists to come down.  Please contact us if you are interested in either applying for the residency program or offering your resources and expertise to help make this happen.

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